25+ years Helping Entrepreneurs and
Brands Succeed by Building Relationships.

Our agile websites and digital marketing blueprints empower both fledgling and established businesses to reign supreme in your market sphere. As a lauded, award-snagging entity, our stellar team churns out quantifiable outcomes. Our expertise orbits around assisting Brands, Enterprises, Non-Profits, and Political Campaigns in resonating with, adapting to, and engaging Hispanic/Latino audiences.

Moreover, our expansive development ensemble shines in melding top-tier graphic design, SEO, and vibrant web programming technologies with hearty digital marketing schemes. Our ethos is results-driven across all facets, boasting a legacy of delivering sagacious, strategic counsel and meticulous orchestration of our digital marketing endeavors.

Our approach is meticulously tailored, yet the hallmark of our outcomes remains consistent: success. Across diverse categories and goals, our custom-crafted strategies ensure your distinct KPIs are valued and met, if not surpassed. The showcased case studies above are mere glimpses of our media marketing triumphs. Should success resonate with you, we invite you to initiate a dialogue.

We thrive on elevating brands beyond expectations—incorporating surprise and delight is integral to our strategy. This fuels our zest for tackling upcoming marketing hurdles, and pinpointing those pivotal consumer engagement instances that propel results. Conquering these challenges not only amplifies your business prowess but refines ours too.

Agencies and independent entities designate Tridence as their premier choice for outsourced Web Development and Paid Search Platform (White-Label). With a rich 25-year history, our expertise spans the gamut of software development and programming languages, coupled with mobile marketing of novel interactive media – from conceptualization to fruition.

A heartfelt Thank You to all our esteemed clients, both past and present, for entrusting Tridence as your collaborative partner and for the cherished relationships forged over the years. Celebrating 25 years of catalyzing growth for individuals and businesses! How may we assist you further?

Tridence Digital Agency is a minority-owned and operated business in Chicago, Illinois, and Jacksonville, Florida (HQ).

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We specialize in helping Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Non-Profits create unique brands to captivate, engage, and convert customers. In addition, we help businesses humanize their brand for their target audience with actionable solutions.

A Message from
David Vega

“To advance businesses into the next layer of awesomeness. One must Humanize their Brand in sync with A.I. tools to give a better customer experience”.

David Vega

Social Visionary | Digital Media Strategist | Web3 Development | Author

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What Your Team Believes in:

We aspire to be a Dream Team. In other words, a team that has:

1. Cognitive Diversity. (We believe in “culture add,” not “culture fit.”)

2. Healthy Debate, Understanding Different Perspectives, and Gratitude for being pushed to think hard. 

3. Intellectual Humility – is how we all get better, learn, and Grow.

4. Pro Liverpool Fan  – YNWA

Individual Freedom & Responsibility. We see the best of people and expect the best from ourselves.

That means showing benevolence-based trust and charity to our Teammates, Clients, and Users. And it means recognizing that different people work differently, so they should be empowered to work the best way, without unnecessary constraints. Everything we believe and build reflects that.

In the last 4 Years

David Vega has spoken about Humanizing Your Brand for beginning Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and startups. In addition, NFTs and Web3 development are in today’s current trends.

Passionate about life and inspiring others to be their best, David is an active member of different communities in Chicago, IL., and Jacksonville, FL.; he has served on past boards and advisory roles for Hispanic marketing and is a philanthropist where help is needed. A Business Coach with a Digital Mind BluePrint.

Let’s help make a better world.

Check out my new podcast (re-launching soon) The Human Brand Experience.

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Human Brand


Humanizing & Building Brilliant Brands Online

Amazon: Check out David Vega’s (author) book 
Humanizing Your Brand & Be Successful.

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