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Creative event marketing doesn’t have to mean a massive, outsized spectacle on the world stage. It can just as easily be small. Quiet. A private moment between the brand and a single customer. But no matter the size, creative event marketing means the same thing: to create value for your audience in very personal, participatory and immersive ways; we create brand fans, not just customers.

Tridence Event Marketing

At Tridence, event marketing is founded on creativity, built from experience and designed to engage. By taking advantage of the numerous digital and social platforms now available, the value of face-to-face events has vastly increased. Today, most brands recognize event marketing as an integral part of their integrated marketing portfolio, deepening relationships that have been built online, on devices and through interactive media.

As a leading event marketing company, we take an integrated approach to strategic experience planning, developing unique personal experiences that produce measurable results. And we combine that with logistics, production and execution capabilities in both emerging and established markets worldwide.

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We are a unique combination of strategy and creativity. Left Brains and Right Brains. Technology and Humanity. We listen, learn your business and outfit you with cutting-edge web technology, targeted media, and insightful creatives to achieve valuable and measurable results every step of the way.
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