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The web allows us the distinct pleasure of depending on our imaginations, our artistry and our powers of persuasion to produce world-class work. It's about being creative, smart and mercilessly strategic. Every web project that comes out of Tridence is a group effort between the client, our marketing consultants and award-winning designers and developers.
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Managed Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click advertising is a very affordable and effective means to drive targeted traffic to your site right away. But in order to realize the full benefits of PPC advertising, it is essential that your Pay Per Click advertising campaign is managed properly by an Internet marketing firm with a wealth of experience managing PPC advertising campaigns as well as other Internet marketing strategies.

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is a very results-driven Internet marketing strategy that places ads where your target audience can find them easily. We take a proven, analytical approach to PPC advertising with a strategy that is customized for each client. Just as other Internet marketing methods, it must be tailored specifically for each project so that they can achieve the maximum benefit. Our approach to Pay Per Click advertising is very flexible and is based on your needs.

We take the following steps with your Pay Per Click campaigns:

1) First, we listen intently to what you want from PPC advertising so we can craft a strategy geared for your success. We then conduct keyword research to identify niche opportunities that will save money but be very effective.

2) Then we organize and manage your PPC account so that you can focus on the things that have made you successful.

3) Next, our professional copywriters craft the ad copy.

4) We then determine which landing page will engage your viewers and create an electricity about your goods and services.

5) After a thorough review with you to ensure that it meets with your approval, we submit your PPC advertising and track the performance.