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Web Development
The web allows us the distinct pleasure of depending on our imaginations, our artistry and our powers of persuasion to produce world-class work. It's about being creative, smart and mercilessly strategic. Every web project that comes out of Tridence is a group effort between the client, our marketing consultants and award-winning designers and developers.
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Web Development

Intranets and Extranets

Tridence has experience when it comes to Intranets
Intranets and Extranets offer private network access, whether open or closed, to company employees, clients, administrators, and workgroups.

Intranets and Extranets have now evolved to encompass Content Management, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Information Portals and Groupware Portals.

Content Management
Content Management Systems (CMS) support the creation and management of Web site content. A CMS can help members of your team communicate better and automate many tasks. Most commonly, a CMS allows site administrators/owners to manage site-wide copy and images without the knowledge of HTML in a secure environment.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management is nothing new. The basic premise of Knowledge Management (KM) is sharing information within an organization to improve its business. The most common KM enables organizations to deliver superior service for customers, employees, and partners by transforming information into knowledge.

Enterprise Information Portals
Web-based corporate or "enterprise information" portals are ideal information repositories designed especially for the needs of the business or vertical market user.

Groupware Systems use computer-networking technology to enable workgroups to communicate more effectively, which, in turn, streamlines your business processes.