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Email Campaigns
Positioning in the marketplace is more than creating a great ad; it is in the planning and execution of that ad or set of ads. Where and how your ads are seen is as important as the ad message itself. Tridence looks at creating more than a message, we deliver a graphic and written language that entices a particular audience - all in an effort to drive conversions.
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Creative Services


Email Campaigns

Over the years Tridence with data partner Teramedia had become the premier destination for direct marketers. With more than 12 years of experience and infinite resources, we offer practical solutions that fit your marketing needs.

Our philosophy is simple, we use insightful creative, targeted data and flawless delivery to take permission marketing to new heights, everyday.

Email Marketing Services:
Strategy & Consulting - As a industry pioneer we can turn your big ideas into tangible results.

List Brokerage - Demographic segmentation and behavior data. Now that's why we work for some of the world’s leading e-marketers.

Creative Development - See why we've won numerous creative awards (the kind based on results).

Data Enhancement & Modeling - We can help you refine prospecting lists to match customer profiles. With some quick delivery times in the industry.

Fulfillment & Tracking - Real-time campaign analysis with our with Teratrack.